Empowering Your Business Growth: Inventory Management Software by Apeks

Unlock your business potential with Apeks Solutions’ budget-friendly inventory management software. Our affordable yet powerful platform streamlines operations optimizes cash flow, and empowers data-driven growth without breaking the bank.


Welcome to Apeks Solutions

Welcome to Apeks Solutions, your premier destination for cutting-edge inventory management software tailored to streamline your operations, optimize inventory, and simplify logistics functions. At Apeks Solutions, we specialize in innovative inventory management solutions and services aimed at helping companies enhance their supply chain operations. Our user-friendly software is designed to boost productivity, ensure accuracy, and foster growth.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Founded over a decade ago by industry experts with extensive experience in servicing small food and beverage companies, Apeks Solutions has evolved into a trusted partner for small businesses across different sectors. Leveraging years of industry expertise, we specialize in tailored operational solutions that address challenges in procurement, production, fulfillment, and distribution.

Comprehensive Solutions

Apeks Solutions offers a range of comprehensive solutions to streamline your operations, including:

  • Apeks OPS: Streamlined order processing – WordPress/WooCommerce Plugin
  • Receive to Ship (R2S): Simplified logistics management – Offline-Desktop Software
  • Smart Integration Services (SIS): Seamless system integration – Data Integration Tool

By optimizing workflows, reducing costs, and enhancing agility, Apeks aims to enable small enterprises to thrive and better serve their customers. Contact us today to alleviate your operational burdens and propel your business forward with our state-of-the-art inventory management software. Let Apeks Solutions be your partner in success.

Customized Solutions for Small Businesses Inventory Management Software

Our Solutions

Apeks OPS

Apeks Ops is a comprehensive web-based solution designed to streamline and automate operations for small companies across various industries. This budget-friendly inventory tracking software for small business tools is a WordPress/Woocommerce plugin, that offers a wide range of functionalities to enhance efficiency and productivity

Receive to Ship (R2S)

Receive to Ship (R2S) is a budget-friendly standalone desktop inventory management systems solutions designed to streamline operations for small companies across various industries. With no internet connection required, R2S offers a comprehensive set of features to automate key processes and enhance efficiency.

Smart Integration Services (SIS)

SMART INTEGRATION SERVICES offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities that have been meticulously honed over the past decade. Our team specializes in assisting small companies with legacy applications in seamlessly expanding their capabilities without causing any disruptions to their day-to-day operations.


At Apeks Solutions, we understand that efficient inventory management is crucial for business success. Our innovative inventory management software is packed with powerful features to streamline your operations

Operational Excellence

Our comprehensive  inventory management system empowers you to improve operational efficiency. Real-time insights and seamless coordination across all aspects of inventory management solutions

Inventory Optimization

Our advanced inventory tracking system leverages predictive analytics to anticipate demand fluctuations. Timely recommendations for reordering and optimal stock levels with our inventory software for small businesses

Seamless Automation

Apeks Solutions’ small business inventory management software automates repetitive tasks and streamlines workflows. Redirect resources to strategic initiatives and drive sustainable growth.

Intuitive Interface

Our user-friendly interface ensures a smooth learning curve for inventory management solutions for small businesses. Intuitive navigation and visually appealing best inventory control software

Granular Access Control

Robust user permissions management in our best stock management software safeguards sensitive data. Control access and modifications to your inventory data.

Tailored to Your Needs

Our highly customizable stock software for small businesses and supply chain management software adapts to your unique needs. We work closely with you to design solutions that fit your goals and objectives.

Why Choose Apeks Solutions?

Our team has over a decade of hard-won experience specifically tailored to small and midsize businesses. Our battle-tested experts have mastery when it comes to dialing in solutions that check all the boxes.

We offer three core solutions – Apeks Ops, Receive to Ship (R2S) & Smart Integration Services (SIS) – providing options to match your budget and scale capabilities over time. Our flexible packages grow as you grow

Our customers are our True North. Our dedicated customer support squad is fanatical about helping you find solutions. We don’t stop until we deliver exactly what you need to succeed.

Our sister company, Labeling Solutions powers integrated barcode labels and tags that deliver enhanced reporting, traceability, and warehouse management out-of-the-box.

Solutions at Your Fingertips!

At Apeks Solutions, we are obsessed with empowering our customers through transformative inventory management solutions. With over a decade of experience tailored to midsize businesses, we have unmatched expertise when it comes to optimizing operations. Our flexible, customizable products address unique pain points so you can streamline your workflows.

Revolutionize Your Inventory Management Across Industries with Apeks!

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Food & Beverage

Savor success with Apeks' tailored inventory solutions, crafted to perfection for the food and beverage industry. From farm to table, ensure freshness and efficiency every step of the way.

Health & Beauty

Beautify your inventory management with Apeks' precise solutions designed for the health and beauty industry. Keep your shelves stocked with elegance and grace.


Forge ahead with Apeks' robust inventory tracking system, engineered to meet the demands of the metalworking industry. From raw materials to finished products, maintain control with precision.

Plastics Manufacturing

Mold your inventory management strategy with Apeks' specialized solutions for plastics manufacturing. Stay ahead of the curve with seamless control over your materials and products.

Wood Industries

Carve out success with Apeks' customized inventory management solutions for the wood industry. From forestry to finished products, optimize your operations with efficiency.

Electronics Manufacturing

Spark innovation with Apeks' dynamic inventory tracking system, tailored for the electronics manufacturing sector. Keep pace with rapid advancements and maintain control with ease.

Pharmaceutical & Biomedical

Heal your inventory management woes with Apeks' specialized solutions for the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries. Ensure compliance and efficiency every step of the way.

Chemical Industries

Mix precision with productivity using Apeks' advanced inventory management solutions for the chemical industry. Safeguard your operations and maintain control with confidence.

Our Exclusive Services

We specialize in helping small and medium-sized businesses thrive. It’s easy. It’s affordable. It’s hassle-free. And it’s your ticket to success with Apeks Solutions.

Apeks OPS

 $2,700  36% off

2 Named Users

Onboarding Support Hourly: $170  11% off

Onboarding Support Level 1 Fee: $1,800  16% off

Onboarding Support Level 2 Fee: $2,300  18% off

Onboarding Support Level 3 Fee: $2,800  18% off

Receive to Ship (R2S)

$1,600  41% off

2 Named Users

Onboarding Support Hourly: $170  11% off

Onboarding Support Level 1 Fee: $1,800  16% off

Onboarding Support Level 2 Fee: $2,300  18% off

Onboarding Support Level 3 Fee: $2,800  18% off

Smart Integration Services (SIS)

$1,200  17% off

Custom Solutions

Hourly Onboarding: $170  11% off

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