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Add Purchase Orders

Add purchase orders via ApeksOPS > Purchase Orders > Add.

Use the “Add Line” button to add lines manually.

Use the “Auto Lines – Min-Max” button to automatically add lines for products that have available quantities less than their “Low Stock Threshold”. The quantity available is calculated as “On Hand” – “On Sales Orders” + “On Purchase Orders”. The quantity on the order line is calculated as “Maximum Quantity to Replenish To” – “Quantity Available”. (Note: if “Maximum Quantity to Replenish To” is zero, the quantity on the order line is calculated as “Low Stock Threshold” – “Quantity Available”). The price is set to the “Last Purchase Unit Price” which you can view/edit in ApeksOPS > Inventory > Edit Product. You can manually add, alter and delete lines after the auto lines are generated. Tip: Once you’ve saved the order, go to View Short Stock to verify that your new surplus stock levels look correct.

ApeksOPS will warn you if you manually enter a line with a quantity below the supplier’s minimum order quantity for the product.

ApeksOPS will warn you if the order total is less than the supplier’s minimum order value.

ApeksOPS will use the supplier’s “Delivery Lead Days” to set the Estimated Delivery Date. You can alter this to a different date if you wish.

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