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View Short Stock

Use the View Short Stock page (ApeksOPS > Purchase Orders > View Short Stock) to determine what you need to buy, and how much. This page looks at the past few weeks of sales and estimates how many weeks until you run out of stock if sales remain consistent over the coming weeks.

The list is sorted by “Surplus”.  This is calculated as “On Hand” – “On Sales Orders” + “On Purchase Orders” – “Low Stock Threshold”.  (Note: The Low Stock Threshold is initially picked up from WooCommerce but can be altered via ApeksOPS > Inventory > Product).

“Surplus Weeks” tells you how many weeks’ worth of sales the surplus represents (based on sales over the last few weeks – the number of weeks can be configured by going to ApeksOPS > Settings).

Generally, you should look at those products with a negative or low Surplus, and a negative or low “Surplus Weeks” to determine what purchase orders you need to place.

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