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Define and Sell Assemblies (Bill of Materials / Product Levels)

If you have products that are made up of other products and sold as a bundle or a kit, you can define your assemblies via ApeksOPS > Inventory >Assemblies.

As soon as you define assemblies in this way (with “Manage Manufacturing With Work Orders” set to “No”), your store’s front end will automatically show the bundle as available, so long as there are sufficient components in stock to assemble it. When an order is placed, stock levels of the finished goods and the components are automatically adjusted.

For more information on “Manage Manufacturing With Work Orders”, refer to the Work Orders section earlier in this manual.

NOTE: You can hold stock of already constructed assemblies. Stock levels shown in the front end include those already made and those that are “makeable”.

NOTE: Assemblies can contain other assemblies, meaning each product can have as many levels as needed.

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