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VAT Notes

Goods that you purchase may fall into three categories:

  • Normal VAT
  • Exempt (i.e. VAT on purchases can be deducted from payment to government).
  • Zero-rated (no VAT payable, but must still be reported)

So that ApeksOPS can separate these, set up Exempt and Zero-rated as “Additional tax classes” in your WooCommerce Tax settings:

You will need to set the VAT rate (e.g. 20%) for both the “Standard rates” and “Exempt rates” classes after you save the settings. (See “Standard rates” and “Exempt rates” links at the top of the Tax tab).

You will also need to set the Tax status and Tax class on each of your Products in WooCommerce (Note: Zero-rated products should have their Tax status set to “Taxable” so that they will show on tax reports):

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