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Integration with Shipping Plugins

If you use a shipping plugin to handle the process of physically delivering goods, ApeksOPS offers options to integrate with the plugin.

If your shipping plugin works with whole WC orders (as opposed to providing multiple shipments per order), go to ApeksOPS > Settings and set “Split WC Orders to Match Shipments” to “Yes”. This will cause ApeksOPS to automatically split a WC order whenever it creates a Shipment. You may also want to set the “Status to set WC Order to when Shipment Created” to an order status that your shipping plugin detects to start its shipping process.

In addition, you can optionally set “Auto-generate Invoice when WC Order Status Becomes”. For example, if you set this to “Completed” when your shipping plugin sets the order to Completed, ApeksOPS will automatically generate an invoice and email it to the customer.

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