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Print Product Labels

Once you have entered a Receipt, you may wish to print labels to attach to the newly arrived products. To do this click “Labels” on the Receipt page, which will bring up the following page:

The first time you print labels you will likely need to adjust the layout to suit your label stationery. To do this, click “Layout”.

You can adjust the page and label dimensions to match your stationery and add or edit data items (fields) to show on each label. To add a barcode to your label, add a field and set “Display As” to “Barcode”.

Once you’re happy with the layout, click “OK”.

Click “Download Labels PDF” to get a PDF file, or click “Print Labels” to send the PDF file straight to the printer.

You can also print labels from ApeksOPS > Inventory > Labels. This allows you to select one or more products to print labels for.

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