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Summary of Steps to Set Up VAT

These are the basic steps you need to perform to set up for VAT:

  1. Add additional Tax Classes in the WooCommerce Tax Settings
  2. Set rates on the Standard Tax Class and the additional Tax Classes in WooCommerce Tax Settings
  3. For all relevant Products, set the Tax Class in the WooCommerce Edit Product page.
  4. Set the ApeksOPS default tax % in ApeksOPS > Settings. (To the prevailing VAT rate – e.g. 20%).
  5. When Suppliers are added, their default tax % will be automatically set to the ApeksOPS default tax %. If you have existing suppliers, set their tax % by going to ApeksOPS > Suppliers > Edit.
  6. At the end of each reporting period, use the WooCommerce Tax Reporting to determine VAT collected. Use ApeksOPS > Reports > Tax Report (Purchases) to determine purchasing data for your VAT reporting, including deductions for exempt items.
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