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Forward Cover Report

Use the Forward Cover Report (ApeksOPS > Reports > Forward Cover) to determine which products to buy first.  This report is similar to View Short Stock, but this is more suited to businesses with high turnover products, with frequent incoming shipments, that wish to optimize inventory levels while keeping stock-outs to a minimum.

“Last X Weeks Sales” is the number of units sold in the past X weeks, where X can be configured via ApeksOPS > Settings > Reporting > Weeks of Prior Sales to use for Sales Projections.

“Sales Per Day” uses “Last X Weeks Sales” to work out average sales per day, if the product has been selling for X weeks or more. If the product has been selling for fewer weeks, “Sales Per Day” uses the “Est Sales Units Per Day” for the product, for the days before the date of the first sale. This can be set via ApeksOPS > Inventory > Edit Product.

“Buffer Days” is the estimated number of days until you will run out of stock, assuming sales continue at the same rate as they have over the past X weeks.

“Target Buffer Days” is calculated as follows: the “Maximum Days between Deliveries” + (“Minimum Order Quantity” / “Sales Per Day”). “Maximum Days between Deliveries” can be set via ApeksOPS > Suppliers.  “Minimum Order Quantity” can be set via ApeksOPS > Inventory > Edit Product > Suppliers.

“Buffer % of Target” is the key indicator in this report. By default, the report is sorted from lowest to highest by this, as the products with the lowest Buffer % will usually be the ones you will need to order soonest.  It is calculated as (“Buffer Days” / “Target Buffer Days”) * 100, and color-coded as follows:

Black: 0% – Out of Stock.  Immediate replenishment action is required. Investigate the root cause of stockout and take steps to mitigate for the future.

Red: > 0%, < 33%.  Stock is low, and usually requires immediate attention.

Yellow: >= 33%, < 66%. Chance of moving into the Red Zone soon – keep an eye on this product.

Green: >= 66%, < 100%.  Generally OK, no need for action.

Blue: >= 100%.  Overstocked.  Consider actions to reduce stock and put space and capital to better use.

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