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Mirror Supplier Stock Levels and Pricing

You can keep track of Supplier stock levels for some or all of your products, to assist with managing the process of sourcing inventory.  This information is loaded periodically from a CSV file that can be published by each of your suppliers to a URL.

To set this up for a supplier, go to ApeksOPS > Suppliers and click the Edit link to the right of the supplier.  Then click “More > Mirror Stock”, and set “Stock is Mirrored” to Yes.

The URL field tells ApeksOPS where to get the CSV data from.  You can map each of the fields in the supplier’s CSV file to ApeksOPS fields, by column number or column heading.

To test that the data loads correctly, click the “Load from URL now” button.

Once this is set up, each CSV file will be loaded automatically daily. To view this data in ApeksOPS > Inventory, add one or more of these fields using the Customize button: Inventory.externalQuantityOnHand, Inventory.externalPrice, Inventory.externalPriceFX. If you would like to update WC Product custom fields with this data, contact ApeksOPS support for assistance.

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