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When goods are shipped, return to the “Sales Order Fulfillment” page for each order and enter the quantity that was shipped. (Note: If you often do partial shipments you may want to enter an incremental quantity for each shipment rather than maintaining the total quantity shipped. To turn this option on, go to ApeksOPS > Settings and set “Enter Incremental Shipment Quantity” to “Yes”).

Whenever you enter a “Quantity Shipped” against an order line, ApeksOPS automatically creates/updates a “Shipment” – a record of what was shipped.

To view all shipments that have been made, click the “View Shipments” button at the top of the main Fulfillments page. To mark off an individual shipment as having been invoiced, click the “Edit” link for the shipment, and alter “Invoiced” to “Yes”. To get a Shipment Note PDF, click “Shipment Note” at the top of the “Edit Shipment” page.

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