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Serial/Lot Entry

If the product has “Serial/Lot Tracking” set to “Lot” or “Serial”, you can enter the serial / lot numbers being fulfilled underneath the Order Line details.

Once you’re satisfied with the amount of stock to be picked and packed for each order, you can print Packing Lists by clicking the “Packing Lists” button.

Select the orders to print then click “Download Packing Lists PDF”.

NOTE: When the above is done, the “Fulfill Stage” of the affected orders will be set to “Packing”. Other than this, the “Fulfill Stage” is for notation purposes only and is not automatically updated by the system, and has no other effect on processing.

Once the order has been packed and shipped, set the “WC Order Status” to “Completed”. This will update the order’s WooCommerce status and will also take the order off ApeksOPS’s “Unfulfilled Sales Orders” list.

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