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Modify Built-in Specs

This page lists all of the Built-in Specs. (NOTE: A Spec can specify a list/report, or a maintenance page but it can also select a data type. All functionality is encapsulated in a Spec of one kind or another – there is no need to add tables or columns to the database or to go to another configuration page to manage attributes).

Click “Modify” to modify a Built-in Spec. In the example below we are modifying POLineMaint.

Note that there is no code as yet. The code that we will put here extends the code that is in the POLineMaint.js file in widget/src/specs.

There are many ways that you can extend the code and the best way to see how is to examine the built-in spec files in widget/src/specs. As an example, to add a ‘My Priority’ field to the PO Line Maintenance page:

Click OK and then go to ApeksOPS > Purchase Orders. Add or Edit an order, then add a line. You will see your new field at the bottom of the page.

Fields are highly configurable – again to see the full extent of their capabilities, examine the code at widget/src/specs. For example to alter the caption:

You can alter the way existing fields work by respecifying the field. For example to change the caption of the existing Line Type field:

Methods can be overridden. For example to add a Line Type to the existing Line Types:

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