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Customizing the Dashboard

You can design multiple dashboards for different purposes (e.g. you might have a sales dashboard and a purchases dashboard).

Each dashboard can have as many tiles as you like.

To create a dashboard, go to ApeksOPS > Dashboard > Configure > Add Custom Dashboard.

The Javascript Code defaults to be the same as the Built-in Dashboard. You can modify this to add or remove tiles. The “spec” parameter indicates the content of the tile. This can be any of the Javascript files in the plugin folder’s widget/src/specs or widget/premium/src/specs subfolders, or any of the Specs you’ve defined in ApeksOPS > Settings > Modify ApeksOPS >Extension Specs. (See Appendix C – Customizing ApeksOPS for more information).

You can also add tile specs via ApeksOPS > Dashboard > Configure > Custom Specs.

See Appendix C – Customizing ApeksOPS for information on writing the Javascript code for custom tiles.

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