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ApeksOPS allows you to upload attachments to store documentation against Purchase Orders, Suppliers, and other documents and entities.  An attachment can be any file but common examples include PDFs, Word documents, and scanned images.

All of the main maintenance pages (e.g. Purchase Orders, Adjustments, Suppliers, etc)  have an “Attachments” button (or a menu item under “More”).  Click this button to add attachments to the document you’re currently viewing.  The same button can also be used to view existing attachments.

NOTE: By default, attachments are uploaded to the WordPress uploads folder.  Depending on how your server is configured, this may make them publicly accessible. 

To keep your attachments private, go to ApeksOPS > Settings and enter “Yes”  in the “Store Attachment in a Secure Location” field.  Then enter a folder name in the “Secure Path (local to the server) for Attachments” field.  (This must be a folder on your server that your web server software has permission to create files in).

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