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Stock Take

Do periodic stock takes by going to ApeksOPS > Stocktake, and clicking “Start new Stocktake”. This will allow you to physically count stock and then update the system with real current stock levels.

The process for performing stocktakes is as follows:

  1. Click “Start new stocktake”
    • Choose a location (or leave as “General”)
    • Products with balances for the location will be listed
    • To include all products including those with zero balance, select “Yes” for “Include Zero Quantities”
    • For any products you don’t want to count, click “Exclude”
    • Click OK
  2. Perform the physical count
  3. Go to ApeksOPS > Stocktake
  4. Click the “Enter Counts” link next to the stocktake you created above.
  5. Enter all counts.
  6. Click OK to save and come back to it later, if needed.
  7. When all counts are entered, click “Finalise”. This will update the stock levels within ApeksOPS and WooCommerce.
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